The company "Company Iulontrans"  annually cares about development of western  knowledge, experience and implementation in their own business. 

We carry international land, transportation of cargo with our  Euro-5 standard trucks (import-export). 

You will be provided with high qualification drivers and experienced management. Our main directions are European countries, Asia and the Russian Federation, we have all necessary licenses and insurance for international transportation. We carry both full volume and kit (freight)  cargo.

Our company has warehouses in different cities of  Italy: (Trieste, Milan and Treviso) where we can provide cargo. On the request of customer we make Euro 1 and the cargo export declaration.

Safe and timely transportation of cargo is our team goal. 
The company's staff is constantly ready to take into account, the wishes of our customers. 

Terms of transportation from Europe:
* Full volume cargo transportation: 4 to 5 days
* Kit (freight) cargo transportation: 5 to 9 days

Remember! The "Company Iulontrans" LTD  is your reliable partner.