About us

About us

The company  "Company Iulontrans"  was founded in2008 and the day since its foundation is oriented on quality. 
"Select Quality "is our motto. 
Qualified drivers, high quality of service, flexible and qualified management, reliable foreign and Georgian partners. 

These are the advantages, that ensure the company's well-being  and the irreversibility of being in the leading position in this field. 
International transportation of good is our sphere. 
At the beginning the company carried out international automotive shipment. Over time the "Company Iulontrans"  LTD  has expanded and we offered various services to our customers .

The company "Company Iulontrans"  is the leading company in the field of international shipping in the Caucasus. 
The company carries out transportation in Europe, Asia ,the Russian federation and Transcaucasia countries in both directions. 
The company is comprised by a team of professionals. They constantly care about the safety of the cargo  during transportation  and quality of services. 

The head of the company is always ready to take into account customer requirements and create appropriate condition for them. 
Since its foundation,the "Company Iulontrans"  LTD  is a member of the international shipping Association of Georgia and is awarded with a certificate of appropriate quality for the year. The "Company Iulontrans"  LTD  also have  the status of a "Tir-Karnet" holder. 
The company cooperates with the world's leading international transport companies, also in Georgia. 

High quality service and trustworthiness is the most important for " Company Iulontrans" LTD .